I am big fan of dashboards and this one has a great use of colours and manages to show a lot of information in one place. Designer: Anghel Gabriel Source: Dribbble

Payment Dashboard Design

Trying to display data effectively is always a challenge but this dashboard has some nice examples of easy to read graphs that look great. Designer: Anthony Aubertin Source: Dribbble

Stats Dashboard

This is great example of what a clean dashboard interface should look like. Simple bold icons and great use of colour make this FeedyMail dashboard really stand out. Designer: Tommy Roussel Source: Dribbble

FeedyMail Dashboard

Dann has created an excellent clean dashboard. It would be great to see doctors and nurses using something like this. Designer: Dann Petty Source: Behance  

iMEData medical dashboard

  This dashboard example shows that good interface doesn’t have to be colourful to stand out. Source: http://dribbble.com/shots/514296-Navigation-for-Control-Panel?list=popular&offset=480

Navigation for Control Panel